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The Odds of Winning Online Casino vs The Odds of Winning Lotto

A large number of people play casino and lottery games across the globe. However, the odds of winning online casinos and lotto vary greatly. You can decide to play both and combine as many different types of casino games and lotto games together to get the best return or satisfaction.

The Odds Of Winning Online Casino Vs The Odds Of Winning Lotto

Generally, the lottery games you play have an edge between 40% to 60%. For every dollar they take from the players, they return 40-60 cents as prizes. The edge for the online casino games usually ranges between 20-25%. The edge for the slot machines is usually very low and ranges between 2-15%.

A lot of people buy lottery tickets to hit the jackpot. They want to try their luck in lotteries in the hope of winning millions of dollars in one shot. Most of the online casino games don’t have the jackpot but slot machines offer jackpots over a million dollar as well. They have odds of hitting a jackpot around 50 million to one. Progressive slot machines of the online casinos offer jackpots in millions like the ones available in online casinos such as Grand Mondial or Luxury Casino and many more. If you are still unsure about joining an online casino, should help and give you more information.

Big lotteries in the US have odds of winning a lottery well over 200 million to one. Generally speaking, the odds of hitting a jackpot at a slot machine are lower  than winning a lottery.

You cannot use strategies with lotteries. All you can do is buy lottery tickets and hope to win. You can buy different combinations to increase your chances of winning and keep betting to even out the loss. However, casino games allow you to use various strategies and you can improve the odds of winning in online casinos with good strategies.

Beating The Games
You cannot beat the lottery games because the odds are set extremely high against you. There’s no way you can beat them unless you get extremely lucky.
Similarly, you can’t beat most of the online casino games but you can beat a few of them. Among the online casino games, skilled players can win in the games like Poker, Blackjack and a few more in the long run. let’s not forget the slot machines where a big win is only one spin away. .
You can win consistently if you become a highly advanced Poker player but you can never win lottery games consistently. As your skills improve in the beatable online casino games, your chances to win improve as well.

A number of lottery players try to beat the games by repeatedly betting on a particular card or number or a combination of them. However, it is not similar to strategizing in the online casino games. Your skill set does not enhance within the game and you largely rely on chance to have positive average earnings.

The odds of winning in the online casino games are generally higher than the lottery games. However, skilled casino players can beat a number of online casino games and improve their chances to win significantly. In the lottery games, you largely depend on your luck to win but this is not true for all the casino games. Generally, the lottery games have a better edge than the
online casino games.

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