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How to Play the Lottery Online in the UK

play the lotto online in the UKIf you are in the UK and you like to play the lottery you will be able to participate in the National lottery that is held on a bi-weekly basis.

You are able to buy tickets for this at many different outlets such as news agents and super markets. But if you want to be able to play the lottery online in the UK on a daily basis then you can do by using a service called iLotto.

Although you will not find the larger jackpots on iLotto as you do on the National Lottery in the UK, which can sometimes eclipse the 10 million pound mark if there is a rollover, you do get the chance to win $1 million dollars (approximately £620,000) every week on their main jackpot game.

But you can also play it every day as they have a daily draw which happens at about 10pm GMT, and in the daily draws you can win smaller prizes such as mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers, as well as cash prizes too.

Play the lottery online in the UK for free

Although you will not be able to play the National lottery for free, you can still play at on a daily basis and not pay a penny if you want. You can also enter into their weekly 1 million dollar draw for nothing also.

They have two levels of membership, one free and one premium. The premium membership only play-the-lotto-UK-1acosts £9.99 a month, and will enable you to automate the process of entering your numbers to ensure that you are included in every daily draw and also the weekly main jackpot draws too.

But you can sign up to iLotto for free and play every day for free also, you do not have to have a premium membership in order to play. You can still win all of the same prizes and also enter into the weekly draw for the $1,000,000 jackpot.

With the free membership you will be required to sign into your account every day to enter the numbers manually, and also enter yourself into the weekly draw also. So you have to make sure you do not forget to do this as you could miss out on some valuable prizes if you do.

This is the purpose and benefit of the premium membership, it will ensure that you are always entered into every draw without you having to log into your account at any time. You can set it up to enter the numbers of your choice, or for it to pick random numbers for you every day.

The UK is not the only country with National lottery or online games. Switzerland is also one of the European country where gambling is very popular.

Germany is well-known as one of the country with the biggest amount of gamblers and has many “beste online casino” meaning best online casinos in German.

114aThe fun of playing the lotto every day

Playing the lottery has that ability to really build the excitement and anticipation in people that have entered.

So having the ability to play every day with iLotto, and also to play for free if you want can really give those that enjoy it something to look forward to every evening as the daily draws happen, and of course once a week when the big jackpot game is played.

So you can play the lottery online in the UK every day if you like, and give yourself a chance of winning some great prizes and also the big jackpot too. People often compare playing the lottery and playing online casinos and specifically slot machines. Check to discover more slot games and read about the different strategies.

Free Online Lottery Which Lotto Service

What Prizes Can You Win With iLotto

ilottoAs iLotto is a free online lottery service, many people think that you will not be able to win any ‘real’ prizes that are actually worth anything. But this is not the case, and you can win a variety of prizes with their service.

While does offer a free service where you can play and participate in their daily draws at no expense, they do also offer a premium membership too, where you pay a small monthly fee. They also receive sponsorship too, so they do have the funds to offer significant prizes for their members.

As well as winning prizes, you will also win points. These points can then be used to purchase additional entries into the main weekly drawing. This is where the big money can be won, so to give yourself more chances of winning this you can purchase as many entries as your points will allow. It is quite similar to online casinos and their huge jackpots! Thanks to sites such as luckycasinocanada, your luck is only one spin away.

Daily prizes won at iLotto

While the big money can only be won on the weekly drawing, you can still win different prizes on a daily basis. These include high-end electronic devices such as iPads, iPhones and MacBooks. You can also opt for the cash equivalent for these items if you prefer too.

Below is a detailed overview of the prizes you can win, and the cash equivalent amounts if you want to take those.


The weekly draw

Although you can win the above mentioned prizes on a daily basis, it is the weekly draw that is the main attraction. This is a 1 million dollar draw and anyone can win this by having the 6 correct numbers. You do not have to be a premium member to enter for this, the free members can also enter the weekly draw and stand as much chance of winning it as anyone else. Online casinos also have draw where players can win amazing prizes.

On the weekly draw iLotto also gives away large 50” LCD television set if you get 5 out of the 6 numbers correct. Again, to increase your chances in the weekly main draw you can trade in any points you have accumulated along the way for additional entries. It will cost you 5 points to purchase an additional entry into the weekly draw, and there is no limit to the amount you have, as long as you have the points to purchase them. Amazing draws are happening as we write in the online casino industry! Check out yukon gold casino to be selected!

How to claim your prizes

If you win any of the physical prizes, which include the electrical devices or cash equivalents, thenilotto-3 you will be notified by email on the day of the draw that you won. You then have 5 days to contact the sponsor with the information they require, and then as long as you are within their terms and conditions (age and location) then you will be sent the prize(s) that you won.

Playing iLotto is really easy, and can be a lot of fun too. There is no obligation for you to sign up for a premium account at all, you can play daily with a free membership. If you did want to get a premium membership then you will just give yourself the ability to automate the process of submitting your numbers each day and you will not have to log into your account, whereas a free membership will need to do this every day that they want to enter.

If you enjoy playing online lotto, you might also like online casino. These can also offer great bonuses, games, fun and more! The odds of winning are also pretty high with online casinos.

Free Online Lottery Which Lotto Service

Can You Play the Lottery Online?

Playing the lottery has always been a popular event for many people around the world. Manycan you play the lottery online countries run a national lottery, and this has involved you buying a ticket from your local store so you can partake in each lottery as the numbers are drawn.

But can you play the lottery online now? With the growth of the internet over the last few years, many business models have now developed and introduced online versions, and this does include the lottery.

Can you play the lottery online if you are in a different country? The beauty of having an online lottery service is that you are able to participate in your regular weekly or monthly (some even have them daily) lottery games no matter where you are in the world.

Services such as iLotto are very easy to register with and will give you access to their regular games from anywhere you are able to get internet access.

Finding a reliable lottery service to play online

As with any online service that involves a lot of financial transactions, you really need to do your research first before you start signing up for an account with an online lottery service.

There are so many scams around that you can quickly lose your money by not doing a due diligence and signing up for a lotto provider that is not legitimate.

ilottoUsing more established online lottery services such as iLotto will ensure that your money is safe and your online transactions will be secure.

The last thing you want when giving over any financial details or performing financial transactions online is for this information to get into the wrong hands.

But iLotto and some other reputable services will provide you with a very secure platform from which you can register and perform your transactions safely.

You also want a service that is easy and fun to use. Let’s face it, the fun that comes from playing the lottery comes from the anticipation and buildup to the drawing of the next batch of numbers, so you do not want to be struggling with a service that is very difficult to use.

Can you play the lottery online for free?

So can you play the lottery online for free? Well, actually you can, although of course it will have itsCHECK restrictions and limitations, and make no mistake, the intention of offering you a free game is so that you will enjoy the service and then sign up for more, and that will require a payment.

It is a marketing method, but that being said, as long as you are aware of this then you can have fun playing some online lotto games for free. will let you register for a free account, and you can actually play every day for free. Daily prizes include electronic items such as iPads, iPhones, MacBooks and other such devices.

As a free player, you can enter one set of numbers each day (you choose six numbers from 1 to 49, or you can have iLotto pick these numbers randomly for you). You can win prizes or points depending on how many numbers you get from the daily draw.

Can-You-Play-the-Lottery-Online-4They then have a weekly draw for $1,000,000 (1 million dollars), and you as a free registered member will have one allocation into the weekly draw.

You can also win a 50” LCD television every week to. The way that iLotto makes its money is by offering a Premium membership, and this will give you a lot more perks and make your betting that much easier.

But iLotto is one of the best options where you can play the lotto online for free, and win real prizes too. It is very quick and easy to register and you will be able to play every day for free if you like, with no obligation to sign up for a premium membership.

So this is definitely one of the best options if you have been asking yourself the question, can you play the lottery online. If you are still not convinced, online casinos are a great alternative.

You can have fun with the slot machines; the most popular games online and win amazing jackpot(s)! Online casinos are so popular that you can register from anywhere in the world, starting by the UK thanks to site like